Friday, October 17, 2008

Dry Dal

This Tasty Dal can be made in less time with minimum efforts. You can also make this fat free.. so is good for people who are doing dieting..


1) Washed Moong dal (Moong Dhuli dal)
2) Tomato
3) Desi ghee (Optional)
4) Tomato Ketchup
5) Salt
6) Red Chilly Powder


1) Take Dal and water in ratio of 1:3.
2) Boil Dal in Wok (For a change do not use pressure cooker)
3) While boiling put Salt and Red Chilly Powder as per taste.
4) Put Cut tomatoes and Tomato Ketchup.
5) Let it boil. Put Desi Ghee after about 5 mins. (This is optional)
6) Try tasting it when the water is about to fully evaporate. If you feel dal has still not become soft you can put in more water.
6) When Dal becomes dry, it is ready to serve.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Make Healthy and tasty Maggi

Most of the people would know how to make Maggi... You would be getting bored by making same old Maggi again and again. Here is a way to make your Maggi more healthy and tasty.


1) Maggi Masala noodles
2) Green Peas
3) Tofu/Paneer
4) Tomato
5) Tomato Ketchup


1) Boil water in a Wok (Kadai).
2) Put Maggi masala in it.
3) Put Green Peas and cut tomatoes.
4) When the water boils, put Maggi cake in it.
5) Keep stirring at regular intervals.
5) When the water is almost evaporated, put tomato ketchup in it and mix nicely.
6) When water is completely evaporated, your Maggi is ready.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Veg. Biryani with Raita for Bachelors

The original vegetable biryani is quite difficult to make as it requires quite a lot of effort. Here is a shortcut for making it quick for Bachelors..


1) Rice
2) Oil
3) Green Peas
4) Biryani Masala
5) Curd
6) Onion
7) Tomato


1) Put some oil in Rice cooker and warm it.
2) After the oil is warm, put Biryani masala (Different brands have different measuring quantity, so please refer the box for quantity) and let it mix well with the oil
3) Put Rice (quantity as required) and water (double the quantity of Rice) in Rice cooker.
4) Put Green Peas in it. Bachelors can also get hold of frozen peas.
5) Keep it to cook and you Biryani will be ready in 20 mins.

6) Now for Raita, Mix Curd with some water and mix it well.
7) Cut Onion and tomato into small pieces and put it in Curd.
8) Put Salt, Garam Masala and Red Chilly powder as per taste.

Serve them together. Cold Raita will really taste good with Biryani.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My first recipe: Fat free Healthy Soy

I tried this recipe some times back, when I was bored of eating boiled vegetables and boiled dal at night.

Ingredients required:
* Soy chunks (Nutrela)
* Tofu (If tofu is not available you can try with Paneer)
* Green peas
* Salt
* Red Chilly powder (Optional)
* Tomato ketchup

* Soak Soy chunks in water for sometime after washing them.
* In water, put Soy chunks, Green peas and boil. If you want pieces of tofu to stay as chunks then add them when the water is boiled and Soy chunks have become little soft else you can put it before.
* Put Salt and red chilly as per taste.
* When only little water remains to evaporate, put Tomato Ketchup or Chilly sauce. don't put a lot. Little quantity is good. We get Thai Chilly sauce here, that goes good with it.
* Stir for sometime.
* When the water is almost evaporated, the dish is ready to be served.

If you are not fitness freak but want little fat then you can add some desi ghee in it. I have tried it with desi ghee and it tastes good. Not tried with refined oil.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Purpose of this blog...

Hi Everyone,

I love cooking.. Actually I had never cooked in my life (except Maggi), before end of 2006... but thereafter I had to learn cooking due to unavoidable circumstances.. I was in Singapore and it was difficult to eat out everyday. So with some basic help from one of my friend Mahesh Gopal, who taught me the basics of cooking, I started experimenting and cooking. I love the food made by my mom and I always tried to get the taste of the dishes I made to match the taste of my mom's food...
I have tried different dishes over the period of time and I will be posting them here on the blog for all of you to benefit..

I have made all kinds of dishes, fat free, with lots of fat, with moderate fat.. Will be posting all of them here.

Cooking is not rocket science. It just needs little time and understanding. If you love to cook food you can always make tasty food.

If you try out any of my dishes and comes out to be good, don't forget to drop by again and give a comment.
Likewise if you feel to give a comment on changing/adding anything in the Recipie you are most welcome.

Happy cooking..