Monday, October 6, 2008

Purpose of this blog...

Hi Everyone,

I love cooking.. Actually I had never cooked in my life (except Maggi), before end of 2006... but thereafter I had to learn cooking due to unavoidable circumstances.. I was in Singapore and it was difficult to eat out everyday. So with some basic help from one of my friend Mahesh Gopal, who taught me the basics of cooking, I started experimenting and cooking. I love the food made by my mom and I always tried to get the taste of the dishes I made to match the taste of my mom's food...
I have tried different dishes over the period of time and I will be posting them here on the blog for all of you to benefit..

I have made all kinds of dishes, fat free, with lots of fat, with moderate fat.. Will be posting all of them here.

Cooking is not rocket science. It just needs little time and understanding. If you love to cook food you can always make tasty food.

If you try out any of my dishes and comes out to be good, don't forget to drop by again and give a comment.
Likewise if you feel to give a comment on changing/adding anything in the Recipie you are most welcome.

Happy cooking..

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