Sunday, October 12, 2008

Veg. Biryani with Raita for Bachelors

The original vegetable biryani is quite difficult to make as it requires quite a lot of effort. Here is a shortcut for making it quick for Bachelors..


1) Rice
2) Oil
3) Green Peas
4) Biryani Masala
5) Curd
6) Onion
7) Tomato


1) Put some oil in Rice cooker and warm it.
2) After the oil is warm, put Biryani masala (Different brands have different measuring quantity, so please refer the box for quantity) and let it mix well with the oil
3) Put Rice (quantity as required) and water (double the quantity of Rice) in Rice cooker.
4) Put Green Peas in it. Bachelors can also get hold of frozen peas.
5) Keep it to cook and you Biryani will be ready in 20 mins.

6) Now for Raita, Mix Curd with some water and mix it well.
7) Cut Onion and tomato into small pieces and put it in Curd.
8) Put Salt, Garam Masala and Red Chilly powder as per taste.

Serve them together. Cold Raita will really taste good with Biryani.

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