Friday, October 17, 2008

Dry Dal

This Tasty Dal can be made in less time with minimum efforts. You can also make this fat free.. so is good for people who are doing dieting..


1) Washed Moong dal (Moong Dhuli dal)
2) Tomato
3) Desi ghee (Optional)
4) Tomato Ketchup
5) Salt
6) Red Chilly Powder


1) Take Dal and water in ratio of 1:3.
2) Boil Dal in Wok (For a change do not use pressure cooker)
3) While boiling put Salt and Red Chilly Powder as per taste.
4) Put Cut tomatoes and Tomato Ketchup.
5) Let it boil. Put Desi Ghee after about 5 mins. (This is optional)
6) Try tasting it when the water is about to fully evaporate. If you feel dal has still not become soft you can put in more water.
6) When Dal becomes dry, it is ready to serve.

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fgggdgftrt5t said...

I love to eat dry moong Dal. we can cook in following sequence.
. Wash and then soak 1 katori dal in small amount of water.
. Put 1 spoon Desi ghee in kadai.
. Put 1 onion, a small piece of ginger, 2 green chilies (cut in small pieces) in warm ghee, fry it just for a while. Then add 1 tomato and fry for a while.
. Now add salt, bit of red chilly, haldi, fry masala with sprinkles of water till it gets fried.
. Now add dal. Stir properly.
. now add 2.5 katoris of water. let it boil.
. cover with lid and Simmer it.
. keep checking, when water dries dal is ready. Garnish with fresh dhaniya or kasoori methi.