Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Make Healthy and tasty Maggi

Most of the people would know how to make Maggi... You would be getting bored by making same old Maggi again and again. Here is a way to make your Maggi more healthy and tasty.


1) Maggi Masala noodles
2) Green Peas
3) Tofu/Paneer
4) Tomato
5) Tomato Ketchup


1) Boil water in a Wok (Kadai).
2) Put Maggi masala in it.
3) Put Green Peas and cut tomatoes.
4) When the water boils, put Maggi cake in it.
5) Keep stirring at regular intervals.
5) When the water is almost evaporated, put tomato ketchup in it and mix nicely.
6) When water is completely evaporated, your Maggi is ready.


vinu said...

dude, what is the white stuff in the noodles ? Is it Egg ?
And isnt adding onions good for this ? or will it spoil the taste ?

Piyush Nasa said...

The White stuff in the noodles is Tofu.. You can also put Paneer.
Yes adding Onions will taste good, it is upto your taste. Many people do not prefer onion and I don't prefer cutting them :D