Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My first recipe: Fat free Healthy Soy

I tried this recipe some times back, when I was bored of eating boiled vegetables and boiled dal at night.

Ingredients required:
* Soy chunks (Nutrela)
* Tofu (If tofu is not available you can try with Paneer)
* Green peas
* Salt
* Red Chilly powder (Optional)
* Tomato ketchup

* Soak Soy chunks in water for sometime after washing them.
* In water, put Soy chunks, Green peas and boil. If you want pieces of tofu to stay as chunks then add them when the water is boiled and Soy chunks have become little soft else you can put it before.
* Put Salt and red chilly as per taste.
* When only little water remains to evaporate, put Tomato Ketchup or Chilly sauce. don't put a lot. Little quantity is good. We get Thai Chilly sauce here, that goes good with it.
* Stir for sometime.
* When the water is almost evaporated, the dish is ready to be served.

If you are not fitness freak but want little fat then you can add some desi ghee in it. I have tried it with desi ghee and it tastes good. Not tried with refined oil.


Deepika said...

lukng yummy!!!!mujhe bi bana k khilana:)

Pranav said...

Very good...Keep it up...Waiting for more recipies...

vinu said...
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vinu said...

nice one Piyush... A perfect start... I can for sure assume that there are lots of superb recipes on thier way...

waiting to check on them